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America Votes is leading comprehensive efforts to expand voters’ access to the ballot box,
ensuring America’s elections truly reflect the diversity of voices across the country and not the willpower of partisan dominance.

A Critical Time for America’s Democracy

America Votes is leading comprehensive efforts to expand access to the ballot box and protect the right to vote. Our work is focused on ensuring that America’s elections are truly accessible to all of our country’s diverse voices and defends against alarming and systematic attempts to undermine our democracy. This work is more important than ever.

A Proven Record of Success for Voters

  • America Votes’ network of local partners are a vital asset in pushing back against the coordinated campaign to create new barriers designed to disenfranchise voters.
  • In Colorado, America Votes led successful efforts to revamp elections access after uncovering illegal voter roll purges in the state. America Votes partners also helped implement crucial voting rights legislation that ultimately lowered election costs while increasing in-person turnout.
  • In Florida, America Votes pushed the legislature to implement election reforms that simplified the ballot and reinstated early voting. America Votes partners also played a key role in passing Amendment Four in 2018, which restored voting rights for hundreds of thousands of Floridians.
  • In New Mexico, the America Votes coalition worked tirelessly to pass Automatic Voter Registration and Same-Day registration. Efforts are still underway in the state to advance more inclusive access to voting by restoring rights to individuals who have been in the criminal justice system and to establish consistent polling locations on Tribal lands.
  • In Michigan, America Votes’ partners helped deliver no-reason absentee voting and same-day voter registration to voters through successful ballot initiatives and are continuing to push for the protection of voting rights in the state.
  • In Nevada, America Votes and our allies advanced Automatic Voter Registration through the state legislature for approval by voters in 2018.

Ensuring Everyone Could Vote Safely During the Pandemic

In 2020, during the peak of the COVID-19 pandemic, America Votes’ programming focused on helping millions of people enroll to vote by mail for the first time and providing them with information about the process in their state for completing and returning their mail ballot. We also helped educate people on how to safely vote in person and on the “rules of the road,” like bringing masks and pens to the polls.

  • Our coalition engaged 21 million voters – including voters of color and younger voters – with mail, text messages, and calls with tips to enroll and reminders for completing mail-in ballots.
  • Since millions of voters encountered vote by mail for the very first time when states changed their voting policies due to the pandemic, w a non-partisan, education-focused communications program which targeted 6.2 million first-time mail voters through mail, phones, and texts to make sure they felt confident and informed about the process for completing and returning their mail ballots. Messages were tailored to each state, with additional focus on signature or witness requirements, use of drop boxes and postage, and the phone number/website for additional questions.
  • America Votes also saw the need for enhanced voter education on how voters could safely make their voices heard in-person early or on Election Day. Amid an alarming spike in COVID-19 cases across the country, America Votes armed voters with the information needed to make their voices heard safely, including the “rules of the road” specific to each state’s election administration and practical needs like bringing masks and pens to the polls.

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Defending our Democracy

America Votes is dedicated to defending against anti-voter legislation and advancing proactive measures
to increase participation in elections, through:

  • Ensuring Early Voting is convenient by increasing the length of Early Voting periods, extending polling location hours, and adding more Early Voting locations
  • Making it easier to Vote by Mail and educating voters about how to successfully complete and submit their ballots
  • Allowing Online Voter Registration and helping states implement the technology to make it possible
  • Expanding Same-Day Registration so voters can register at the polls
  • Implementing Automatic Voter Registration so everyone can make their voice heard as soon as they are eligible to vote
  • Voting Rights Restoration for those who have served their time so individuals who have been in the criminal justice system can return to full participation in society

At a time when bad actors are working harder than ever before to spread misinformation and undermine
our electoral system, America Votes and our partners have recommitted our efforts to strengthen and
protect everyone’s right to vote.

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Advancing and Implementing Voting Rights Legislation at the State Level

With federal action on voting rights stalled, state-level initiatives are even more critical.

During the 2018-2019 legislative sessions, America Votes and our partners were on the frontlines in states, proactively advocating for positive election reforms. We had teams of legislative organizers in Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire, and New Mexico to lead and bolster ongoing legislative battles.

With new progressive majorities and an unprecedented surge of first-time voters turning out in the 2020 election, we have a window to create meaningful change and permanently increase access to voting. We are currently implementing new strategies to capitalize on this momentum in 2022 and set the stage for long-term success.

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Winning Voting Rights Measures at the Ballot Box

When federal and state elected officials fail to stand up for voting rights, direct democracy can still get the job done. America Votes is working with our coalition partners to pass key ballot initiatives intended to strengthen our democracy in states across the nation.

From Automatic Voter Registration to voting rights restoration for individuals who have been involved in the criminal justice system, we are helping communities expand voting rights and give more people the chance to make their voices heard.

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Defending Against Threats to Our Democracy

While we fight to help more people participate in our democracy, there are many who are trying to restrict the right to vote.

America Votes and our partners are fighting against measures that limit polling locations and hours, restrict access to mail ballots, and implement stricter photo identification requirements for voting. Everyone has a right to vote, and we are working hard to make sure no one’s rights are taken away.

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