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America Votes is leading comprehensive efforts to expand voters’ access to the ballot box,
ensuring America’s elections truly reflect the diversity of voices across the country and not the willpower of partisan dominance.

A Critical Time for America’s Democracy

America Votes is leading comprehensive efforts to expand voters’ access to the ballot box, ensuring America’s elections truly represent the diversity of voices across the country and not the willpower of partisan dominance.

In the aftermath of the 2016 election and a presidential campaign and administration intent on delegitimizing the nation’s democracy, the work of America Votes is more important than ever.

A Proven Record of Success for Voters

  • America Votes’ in-state staff and network have proven a vital asset in pushing back against the conservative-led “War on Voting” designed to systematically deny the rights of young voters and people of color.
  • In Colorado, America Votes led efforts to successfully implement the Voter Access and Modernized Elections Act in 2013, which provides Coloradans with an all-mail ballot and same-day registration.
  • America Votes led efforts in Florida to pass new election reform legislation that provide voters with a shortened ballot and reinstates the early voting window, and AV partners helped pass Amendment Four in 2018, which restored voting rights for hundreds of thousands of Floridians.
  • In New Mexico, the America Votes coalition passed Automatic Voter Registration and Same-Day registration in the state, and we continue to lead a broad Election Administration Coalition in the state.

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Looking Ahead:

An 18-Month Campaign
to Advance Voting Rights

Moving forward, America Votes’ priorities vary from state to state but include defending against anti-voter legislation and advancing proactive measures such as the following:

  • Early Vote
  • Vote-By-Mail
  • Online Voter Registration
  • Same-Day Registration
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • Voting Rights Restoration for Those Who Have Served Their Time

To advance these critical priorities and strengthen America’s democracy, America Votes has launched a comprehensive 18-month voting rights campaign.

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Phase One:

Advancing and Implementing Voting Rights in State Legislatures

During the 2018-2019 legislative sessions, America Votes and partners were on the frontlines in states, defending voting rights and proactively advocating for implementing positive election reforms.

America Votes had a team of legislative organizers in four states – Colorado, Florida, New Hampshire and New Mexico – to lead and bolster ongoing legislative battles.

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Phase Two:

Winning Voting
Rights Measures
at the Ballot Box

In several states, America Votes will be leading efforts to pass key ballot initiatives intended to strengthen the nation’s democracy – from Automatic Voter Registration to voting rights restoration for those who have served their time.

In Nevada, with the help of allies, Automatic Voter Registration successfully advanced through the state legislature and was approved by voters on the ballot in 2018.

America Votes also worked with allies in Florida to successfully pass a voting rights restoration ballot initiative, giving hundreds of thousands of Floridians their right to vote back. 

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Phase Three:

Opportunities in Future Legislative Sessions

With the new progressive majorities in many states after 2018, and the possibility for more voting-friendly majorities in states and the federal government this November, America Votes is currently working on implementing 2019 victories and working on plans for 2020 and beyond. We are also making sure that our partners on the ground have plans for election protection.

In the realm of redistricting, America Votes has successfully passed and led implementation of independent redistricting commissions in Colorado and Michigan, and our work continues in New Hampshire and nationwide.

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Contributions or gifts to America Votes are not tax deductible as charitable contributions or as business expenses under IRC Section 162(e).

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