America Votes is the coordination hub of the progressive community, working with over 400 state and national partner organizations to advance progressive policies, win elections, and protect every American’s right to vote.

America Votes coordinates more than 400 state and national partner organizations to create a fairer, more representative democracy by increasing voter participation across the country.

America Votes was founded in 2003 with the idea that we can create more change in our country if we work together. We want to empower more Americans to vote, especially young people and communities of color, so the electorate is broad and reflects the diversity of the nation. Our work is centered on fostering a culture of strong civic participation, voter engagement and mobilization, and advocating for fair, modern elections. 

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Voter Engagement and Mobilization

America Votes invests in voter education, vote by mail programs to defend our democracy and build on high levels of energy and engagement, especially in communities of color and among young people. Our coalition carries out non-partisan, education-focused programs to engage voters particularly newly eligible and infrequent voters through mail, phones, and texts to make sure they feel confident and informed about the voting process in person or via mail.

Creating Change From the Grassroots

We believe change in our country is driven by harnessing knowledge and energy from the grassroots. That’s why America Votes works at the local level in more than 20 states, executing bold strategies, providing data infrastructure and making strong investments in community-led programs to build power. Our local team members live and work in their communities, collaborating with a coalition of partners to ensure that voters are engaged year round and not just during elections.

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Fighting Suppression & Protecting Access to the Ballot Box

America Votes and our partners share a common mission to protect every American’s right to vote. More than ever, we are working to enact desperately needed voting rights legislation and fight back against efforts to suppress voters. Our organization has taken the lead throughout our state network to protect and expand voting rights, and work with state and local officials to improve election administration.

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