ONE WEEK OUT: America Votes Partner Organizations Knocking Millions of Doors in Largest-Ever GOTV Effort

October 30, 2018

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Heading into GOTV weekend of the most consequential midterm election in recent history, America Votes is coordinating its largest-ever mobilization effort with hundreds of progressive partner groups to get out the vote in critical states across the country.

Throughout the 2018 election cycle thus far, America Votes has directly invested more than $30 million into progressive ground-game programs in the states. More than 100 America Votes partner organizations have delivered more than 27 million field attempts to contact targeted voters, including 15 million doors knocked and more than six million phone calls and texts.

These numbers already exceed America Votes partners’ collective programs in 2014 and are projected to exceed 2016 presidential election totals as partners ramp up their outreach efforts for a final get-out-the-vote push ahead of November 6.

“Progressive allies are engaged in the largest, most coordinated midterm voter mobilization effort we’ve ever seen,” said America Votes President Greg Speed. “Midterm elections are all about turnout, and in 2018 America Votes and our partner groups will more than double our collective GOTV program from four years ago. Now, with just one week until November 6, partner organizations across our coalition are prepared to ramp up their outreach even further to encourage as many folks as possible to get out the vote this year.”

Highlights from Key States:

  • In Florida, America Votes partners have knocked more than 4.3 million doors resulting in about 770,000 conversations that have generated more than 1.6 million issue and candidate IDs. The coalition in Florida, as in other states, has been highly focused on early and absentee voting, with America Votes Florida partners contacting many of the Floridians who have requested mail ballots but have yet to return their votes.
  • America Votes partners across Michigan have made more than 2.5 million voter contact attempts—including more than two million at the door—across the state this cycle so far, hearing from hundreds of thousands of Michiganders about the issues they care about the most, including the environment, health care and minimum wage.

State coalitions across the America Votes network are ramping up program to reach voters during the critical GOTV period in the final days leading up to November 6.

  • In Nevada, two dozen America Votes partners will knock on over a million doors, send more than three million pieces of mail and contact hundreds of thousands of Nevadans through the largest SMS program in the state’s history, among other activities, to get out the vote.
  • The America Votes coalition in Pennsylvania is operating across 32 counties to collectively knock on 775,000 doors during the final two weeks leading up to Election Day 2018, bringing total doors knocked by America Votes Pennsylvania partners close to 1.5 million throughout the 2018 election cycle.
  • America Votes Ohio is leading unprecedented coordination among progressive groups across the state, who collectively plan on knocking more than 1.1 million doors as part of their GOTV efforts. These knocks will also be layered with mail, digital advertisements, texts and phone calls to get out the vote.


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