AV Statement on Senate Vote on Freedom to Vote Act

October 21, 2021

Contact: Contact: Anna Donohue, adonohue@americavotes.org

AV Statement on Senate Vote on Freedom to Vote Act


WASHINGTON, DC – Yesterday, the vote to simply open up debate on the Freedom to Vote Act was defeated by Senate Republicans, the latest bill in a series of federal voting rights legislation that has consistently been shot down by lawmakers who wish to pick and choose their voters. The Freedom to Vote Act aims to protect our elections from interference, partisan gerrymandering, and voter suppression, which are all crucial measures as state legislatures and right-wing coalitions attempt to suppress voters and restrict access to the ballot box. In response to Republican senators filibustering the Freedom to Vote Act, Carolina Lopez, National Voting Rights Director of America Votes, released the following statement:


“Yesterday’s Republican filibuster of the Freedom to Vote Act is yet another example of the GOP’s ruthless campaign to restrict an open democracy and voting rights for all citizens. They have systematically opposed the For the People Act and the John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act, and now the Freedom to Vote Act, without a good faith effort for moving forward. The provisions in all three of these bills are overwhelmingly popular with the American people, yet a select few that hold power would rather endanger (and at times sabotage) our democracy than make way for sensible voting rights modernization that helps all voters, regardless of geography or party affiliation. The rising threats to our democracy is also an equity issue. Voter suppression is a tactic that has been used throughout history to silence the masses, particularly communities of color; and this tactic remains alive and well today.


With Republicans having introduced hundreds of bills designed to amplify “the Big Lie” to undermine voting rights and our free and fair election systems, federal action is needed now more than ever. As the coordination hub of the progressive community, we here at America Votes will continue to call on  Congress to take action on this vital issue. Senator Schumer has repeatedly said ‘failure is not an option’ on legislation to protect voting and democracy. Therefore, we expect protecting voting rights will not fall victim to antiquated processes. We simply must recognize that progress on every front – on climate change, reproductive justice, racial justice, or economic equity – won’t come without securing voting rights for all  first.”



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