AV in Politico: “Greens Grow into Electoral Powerhouse”

October 27, 2014


Politico’s recent story, “Greens grow into electoral powerhouse,” is a great testament to the value of coordination among progressive organizations. The story focuses on how several of our partner organizations and influential environmental organizations, including League of Conservation Voters,NextGen ClimateSierra ClubEnvironemt America and Environmental Defense Action Fund, are collaborating with the broader progressive community and are having a growing impact across the nation.

In the piece, AV President Greg Speed and AV-Florida State Director Josh discussed America Votes’ coordinated field work with these groups and their importance to our tables:

NextGen and LCV have emerged as leading members of America Votes, a progressive coalition founded in 2003 that has three dozen national partners, including the AFL-CIO, American Federation of Teachers, Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence, EMILY’s List, House and Senate Majority PACs, NARAL, Service Employees International Union and the National Education Association.

America Votes President Greg Speed said NextGen, which is funded largely by liberal billionaire Steyer, has been a huge asset in mobilizing Democratic voters who tend to skip the midterm elections.

“Thanks to them in a number of these states, we’re going to be able to reach our overall goals for contacting drop-off voters,” Speed said, particularly in Florida and Michigan.

The new collaboration – and especially the support of NextGen – will enable greens to knock on more than 2 million doors in Florida by Election Day to target drop-off voters, far more than the 300,000 doors the progressive coalition knocked on in the 2010 midterms, according to Josh Giese, who heads the Florida operation of America Votes.

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