America Votes Senior Leadership Team Issues Statement on 2022’s Historic Midterm and Georgia Runoff Voter Mobilization Programs

November 30, 2022

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Building on its largest ever voter mobilization effort, America Votes continues to break records with one week left before the Georgia runoff election. The America Votes coalition is set to exceed its ambitious goal of knocking 4 million doors in the Peach State to engage voters ahead of the runoff election on December 6.

Since Election Day, the America Votes coalition has knocked more than 2.8 million doors in Georgia. The broad coalition of partners has also already made nearly 1 million phone calls. The unprecedented scale of this program comes on the heels of a historic midterm program aimed at engaging and turning out voters, with a particular focus on young people and voters of color.

The America Votes’ Senior Leadership Team issued the following statement today on the coalition’s work during the General Election and ongoing efforts leading up to the Georgia runoff:

“We are all proud of the work America Votes, our coalition partners, supporters, and allies accomplished this year to re-engage and mobilize a large, diverse coalition of voters. These efforts were critical to many important victories and to successfully defending democracy across our nation.

“This year’s program – our largest ever in a midterm year – delivered high turnout in this critical election.  Our focus on young people, voters of color, and reactivating ‘Blue Surge’ voters  who either skipped voting in 2016 but returned to the polls for 2018 and 2020 or voted for the first time in 2018 or 2020 resulted in a more diverse and progressive midterm electorate than many had expected.

“During the general election, America Votes partners made 350 million attempts to contact targeted voters, including more than 26 million door knocks yielding nearly 5 million conversations about the importance of voting in 2022. Now we’re building on this success with millions more knocks and calls for Georgia’s runoff election.

“Strong voter turnout was a critical reason the 2022 midterm defied recent history and stopped the ‘red wave.’ While we await complete voter data, it appears likely that turnout will reach record highs for a midterm in Arizona, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, and will come close in Georgia, Nevada, and Wisconsin. It also appears turnout was strong among youth and voters of color in many key states.

“The 2022 election demonstrates the power of mobilizing a strong, multiracial coalition of voters to defend democracy, defeat right-wing extremism, and ensure the voices of all Americans are heard. This was some of the most important work America Votes has ever done as an organization and a progressive coalition and it will be key to mobilizing voters in the Georgia runoff, which is why we aren’t letting up. As we move past December, this work will serve as a model for our efforts moving toward 2024 and beyond.”

The America Votes Senior Leadership Team is comprised of: Greg Speed, President; Sara Schreiber, Executive Director; Daria Dawson, Deputy Executive Director & National Political Director; Heidi Schloesser, Chief Operating Officer; Daniel Gonzales, Director of Planning and Program Analysis; Evan Kost, National Director of Investor Strategy and Program Advisor; Shabab Siddiqui, Director of Data and Targeting; and Josiette White, National Field Director.

America Votes is the central coordination hub of the progressive community both nationally and in more than 20 states across the country, working with more than 400 state and national partner organizations to advance progressive policies, win elections and protect every American’s right to vote. Visit for more information.