America Votes Partner Organizations Execute Largest-Ever GOTV Effort, Engaging Millions of Voters Across the Country

November 5, 2018

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During the final weekend ahead of tomorrow’s election, America Votes partner organizations ramped up their programs to an unprecedented level for a final get-out-the-vote push. These efforts are part of the America Votes coalition’s largest-ever voter engagement and mobilization effort, which, as of this morning, has included more than 31 million attempted voter contacts resulting in nearly five million conversations and more than four million candidate and issue IDs. With so much at stake in states across the America Votes network—including 18 gubernatorial races, more than 200 U.S. House seats, dozens of critical ballot initiatives and the balance of power in state legislatures across the country—partner organizations are leaving no stone unturned as they engage millions of voters in the fight for progress.

“Turnout is absolutely key in midterm elections, and America Votes partner organizations across our state network worked tirelessly this weekend—as they have all cycle long—to turn out voters deep into states and from historically marginalized communities to the polls,” said America Votes President Greg Speed. “Today and tomorrow, our coalition of progressive allies will continue its largest-ever GOTV effort to reach out to voters to ensure they make their voices heard during this critical midterm election year.”


GOTV Highlights from Key States:

  • This weekend, America Votes Florida partners knocked 400,000 doors to get out the vote across the Sunshine State, bringing their total doors knocked for the cycle to 5.3 million. These incredible efforts are being reflected in early vote numbers; on Sunday alone, Democrats began with a deficit of 20,000 early votes and ended the day nearly 25,000 votes ahead of Republicans.
  • The Ameica Votes Michigan coalition has attempted more than 1.2 million doors throughout its entire GOTV efforts, including 300,000 doors this weekend alone. This weekend’s efforts brought total attempts at the doors across Michigan this cycle to three million.
  • America Votes Pennsylvania partners far exceeded their GOTV goal for this past weekend, knocking on more than 150,000 doors and making more than 250,000 phone calls during the final weekend ahead of Election Day. Partner organizations across the state are continuing to expand their outreach to targeted voters during the final crucial hours before voters head to the polls tomorrow.


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