America Votes Leading Massive “Final 4” Effort Over GOTV Weekend

October 30, 2020

Contact: CONTACT: Sahil Mehrotra,


Heading into the final four days of the most consequential election in recent history, with over 80 million votes already cast, America Votes is coordinating a massive GOTV weekend mobilization effort with hundreds of progressive partner groups to turn out voters in key states nationwide.

Since June 1, more than 400 America Votes partners have made over 350 million voter contact attempts, including more than 7 million door knocks175 million phone calls, and 100 million text messages sent, yielding over 14 million conversations with voters. Efforts were layered with mail, digital advertising, and relational voter contact programs to ensure voters were engaged through multiple modes.

This effort has resulted in more than triple the number of conversations with voters prior to the final GOTV period in 2018—a record-breaking cycle which exceeded even the America Votes coalition’s 2016 effort.

America Votes President Greg Speed said, “As unpredictable this year has been, one thing is absolutely certain: progressives all over the country are enraged, engaged, and excited to vote. After executing our strategy to ‘spread out the vote’ by delivering a massive turnout in mail and early voting, America Votes is now focused on Election Day. This weekend, America Votes partners are taking back our country with millions of knocks, calls and texts that will restore democracy by ending the disastrous failures of the last four years.”


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