America Votes Coalition on Track to Deliver Record Breaking Voter Mobilization Efforts

October 28, 2022



As the nation approaches what is expected to be the closest midterm election in recent history, America Votes is coordinating its largest-ever mobilization effort to get out the vote in critical states across the country.

So far this cycle, America Votes’ coalition of over 80 national partners and 400 state partner organizations have made more than 81 million attempts to contact key voters, knocking on over 17.9 million doors, making 32 million phone calls, and sending 31 million texts. These numbers will continue to grow as partners ramp up their outreach efforts for a final get-out-the-vote push.

This GOTV push is targeting the “Blue Surge” voters whose massive turnout delivered victories for Democrats in 2018 and 2020. The Blue Surge refers to voters who either skipped voting in 2016 but returned to the polls for 2018 and 2020 or voted for the first time in 2018 or 2020. Turnout among this blue-leaning electorate will be key to determining control of Congress and the outcome of many state-level races this year.

America Votes and its partners will continue the successful Get Out and Spread Out the Vote strategy they pioneered in 2020. In many states, voters have more options to vote early or by mail this year than in any previous midterm. Spread Out the Vote educates voters about these options. To date, more than 15 million Americans have already voted early.

“Our coalition is executing in the largest, most-coordinated midterm voter mobilization effort we’ve ever seen,” said America Votes President Greg Speed. “Midterm elections especially are determined by turnout, and in 2022 America Votes is positioned to mobilize the largest, most diverse midterm electorate ever. With election day less than two weeks away, we are already seeing strong early voting on our side. We will be squarely focused on turning out more young voters and voters of color in key states. In this final stretch, our partners are prepared to ramp up their outreach even further to encourage as many folks as possible to get out and vote early or on Election Day.”


America Votes Coalition Door Knocks (as of 10/27)

State Knocks to Date Voters Targeted
Arizona 2,363,133 1,330,000
Georgia 1,951,951 1,618,037
Michigan 1,930,760 1,800,000
Nevada 2,156,814 1,028,304
Pennsylvania 3,832,869 2,068,628
Wisconsin  1,674,083 902,706
Total 13.9 Million 8.7 Million


Early Vote Update: Mail + In-Person Ballots Cast

State Total Votes

(as of Oct. 27)

Dem % vs. 2018
Arizona 638,318 46.8% +6.7 pts
Georgia 1,245,239 50% +7.1 pts
Michigan 920,125 52% +19.2 pts
Nevada 171,927 51.1% +3.7 pts
Pennsylvania 731,029 73% +30.4 pts
Wisconsin 349,689 39.1% +4.4 pts

*Source: TargetEarly by TargetSmart

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