As part of its programs, America Votes (“AV”) hosts events across the country. Attendees at these events include AV staff, and representatives of AV partners, supporters, and stakeholders. AV expects all event attendees to conduct themselves consistent with AV’s values and policies. These protocols set the conduct standards for attending AV events and apply to all attendees during AV events, whether inside or outside of official AV events or event spaces. 

AV’s goal is to provide a safe and positive event experience and we expect our attendees, partners, speakers, vendors and sponsors to follow this Event Protocol. Violations will not be tolerated at any time and may result in immediate action. 

AV has a zero tolerance policy in regards to harassment and we do not tolerate derogatory, abusive, hostile or other intimidating behavior. We ask that all participants are respectful and conduct themselves in a professional manner at all times. 


AV policies prohibit any harassment of an event attendee by an AV employee, supervisor, board member, partner, consultant, event attendee, or other third party based on the person’s race, color, religion, national origin, ancestry, sex, age, disability, sexual orientation, marital status, personal appearance, family responsibilities, gender identity or expression, or any other characteristic protected by federal, state, or local law. 


Alcohol may be served at some AV events. Event attendees who are of legal age may consume alcohol responsibly. Attendees should not consume alcohol to excess at AV-sponsored events. AV also asks event attendees to be mindful of their consumption of alcohol while around other event attendees that may occur outside of AV-sponsored event sessions. Attendees must act professionally at all times. 

Reporting Issues 

The protocol below sets out the resources available to attendees who believe they have been the subject of a violation of this event protocol or who observe or otherwise become aware of such violation. It also provides the steps AV senior staff should follow when they receive a report of a violation. Each case is unique, and will be addressed appropriately based on facts and circumstances. The protocol is not meant to change AV’s existing harassment policy for staff, which already prohibits such conduct; it is a protocol that all event attendees, including AV staff, should follow to address such conduct at events if it occurs. 

  • Event attendees who become aware of a potential violation of this protocol are encouraged to notify AV’s Chief Operating Officer or AV’s Human Resource Department (contact information is provided below). The notification may be made in person to an AV senior staffer at the event or via other means if such a senior staffer cannot be found.
  • If, after conducting the investigation, AV concludes that there was a violation of this protocol, AV will take prompt remedial action, which may include: 
    • Asking the person accused of violating this protocol to cease their behavior or to leave the event. In the case of a multi-day event, the person may be banned from all events that comprise the larger event. 
    • Instructing such person that the person violating the protocol is banned from AV events or suspended for a designated period of time. 
    • With respect to third parties, informing an individual with supervisory authority over the individual regarding the details of the incident. 
    • Taking any other appropriate steps. 

Any questions about the America Votes Staff and Partners Event Protocol should be directed to AV’s COO Heidi Schloesser or AV’s HR team at

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