AV President Greg Speed featured on “The Hill”

America Votes President Greg Speed was featured on “The Hill” discussing how Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s national security speech in California moved her past the primary election and into the general while tearing into Republican Donald Trump’s foreign policy plan.

“I do think that Hillary Clinton moved past the primary,” America Votes President Greg Speed said of Clinton’s Thursday speech.

“What she did effectively was move the general election up a week and make the news cycle match what has been her numerical lock on the nomination for quite some time.” Clinton and Bernie Sanders are battling in six states Tuesday, including California, which has 475 pledged delegates up for grabs.

Read the full piece here.

Greg Speed in Medium: Beating Trump is not nearly enough

America Votes President Greg Speed published his latest Medium blog post discussing the 2016 election cycle. His piece, “Beating Trump is not nearly enough,” discusses the importance of focusing down-ballot during a presidential election cycle and the implications of not only mobilizing against presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump, but the conservative base that nominated him.

While I am confident Trump will lose the presidential election and lose badly, neither the country nor progressives can afford even a moment of complacency. We must mobilize as never before because winning the White House is not nearly enough.

The Republican Party that will nominate Trump holds a majority in every elected office below the presidency. Time and again, they have won power by stoking similar resentment, hate and divisive politics with a similar base of voters who backed Trump.

Click here to read the full piece on Medium.

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