Greg Speed in Medium: The end of the war on voting?

America Votes President Greg Speed published his Medium blog post discussing the implications of recent voting rights wins in North Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin. His piece, “The end of the war on voting?” calls for an end to the assault on voting rights. 


To end the war on voting, the Republican Party must concede defeat — for its own good and the country’s. In a rapidly changing nation, it’s vital for American democracy that both parties actively compete for the votes of people of color.

The GOP will never return to its roots as the Party of Lincoln or truly compete for non-white voters if its leadership continues these schemes to deny people of color their right to vote instead of simply trying to win their votes. Isn’t that how a democracy is supposed to work?


Click here to read the full piece on Medium.

AV President Greg Speed featured on “The Hill”

America Votes President Greg Speed was featured on “The Hill” discussing how Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton’s national security speech in California moved her past the primary election and into the general while tearing into Republican Donald Trump’s foreign policy plan.

“I do think that Hillary Clinton moved past the primary,” America Votes President Greg Speed said of Clinton’s Thursday speech.

“What she did effectively was move the general election up a week and make the news cycle match what has been her numerical lock on the nomination for quite some time.” Clinton and Bernie Sanders are battling in six states Tuesday, including California, which has 475 pledged delegates up for grabs.

Read the full piece here.

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