Got Mail?

Did you get something from us in your mailbox? Hopefully it helps you cast your ballot this fall safely and securely.

America Votes is a non-profit organization dedicated to protecting every American’s right to vote safely and securely. 

This election is more important than ever, and it’s happening in circumstances no one could have predicted, so we want to make sure every American is as informed as possible – both on who they are voting for and on how to vote. 

From time to time, America Votes and our sister organization America Votes Action Fund, sends mail to voters. If you get mail from us, we hope it helps you cast your ballot. 

As the pandemic rages, we believe it’s critical not only to get out the vote, but to spread out the vote. That means encouraging those who are able to vote by mail to do so, keeping in-person early and Election Day voting open and less crowded for people who need it. 

If you have any questions, please email Please note: unsubscribe requests will only be accepted at the below form – not via email.

We use publicly available data to make our mailings, but in rare situations there might be an error. Please always contact your local elections official for the most up-to-date information on how to request a ballot and if your ballot has been returned and counted.

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