America Votes Statement on the Results of the 2023 Elections

WASHINGTON – The America Votes Executive Team today issued the following statement on the results of the 2023 elections:

“The 2023 election results showed once again that when the stakes are clear, Americans will show up to protect our civil rights and freedoms. This election demonstrated yet again  that when we organize and do the hard work of registering, educating, and mobilizing, voters will vote to defend their future and our democracy. 

“In states across the country voters resoundingly rejected MAGA extremism and embraced reproductive freedom. They rejected candidates who ran on hate and discrimination or sought to undermine the foundations of our democracy. Looking toward 2024, the message voters are sending is clear: focus on cutting costs and improving American’s everyday lives. The MAGA agenda of abortion bans, restricting personal health care decisions, and making it harder to vote is a losing platform. 

“America Votes partners played a critical role in securing these important electoral victories, knocking doors, making phone calls, and having conversations with voters that motivated them to make their voices heard. We were proud to support our partners’ work on the ground by providing data to shape their strategies and coordinating organizations to maximize their reach and impact.  

“While we celebrate today, we are already planning for 2024. Thanks in large part to our coalition’s efforts, voters are more engaged and active than ever before, and we will build on what we achieved this year to defeat MAGA extremism again in 2024.”

Background on AV’s 2023 Program

America Votes is the central coordination hub of the progressive community both nationally and in more than 20 states across the country, working with more than 400 state and national partner organizations to advance progressive policies, win elections, and protect every American’s right to vote. 

During the 2023 cycle, AV coalition partners knocked on more than 3.6 million doors in states across the country, including knocking on more than 700,000 doors in Virginia, 518,000 doors in Pennsylvania, and 902,000 doors in Ohio.  

The America Votes Executive Team is comprised of: Greg Speed, President; Sara Schreiber, Executive Director; and Daria Dawson, Deputy Executive Director & National Political Director.

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