America Votes Calls for Trump to Address the ‘State of Our Voting Rights & Elections’

Voting rights should be a topic for president’s State of the Union address


Tuesday, January 30, 2018


Krishana Davis;

WASHINGTON, DC – America Votes President Greg Speed calls for President Donald Trump and Democrats to address the “State of Our Voting Rights & Elections” during his State of the Union address tonight.

“It’s been over a year since an American election was proven to have been undermined both by the interference of a foreign adversary and the systematic suppression of thousands of voters,” said America Votes President Greg Speed. “With just months until the next election, any report on the state of our union must address the profound challenges facing America’s voting systems from foreign influence and policies suppressing the rights of eligible voters.”

“Mandatory audits, better technology to prevent tampering and hacking, privacy protections and automatic voter registration, including verification of eligibility, are needed to ensure the protection, accuracy and privacy of our elections. The attack on our election was an attack on our union, and preventing it from happening again should be addressed tonight. Whether or not President Trump again fails to take a stand to defend America’s democracy, Democrats must make it central their response.”


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